Sick Quotes

My daily conversation, it consists of hustle. Grinding from the bottom sick and tired of struggle.

- Kevin Gates


The only way that I could figure they could improve upon Coca-Cola, one of life's most delightful elixirs, which studies prove will heal the sick and occasionally raise the dead, is to put bourbon in it.

- Lewis Grizzard


Don't remind the world that it is sick and troubled. Remind it that it is beautiful and free.

- Mooji


No society can legitimately call itself civilized if a sick person is denied medical aid because of lack of means.

- Aneurin Bevan


Not forgiving somebody is like drinking poison and hoping that the offender will get sick.

- Gary Smalley


When we serve the poor and the sick we serve Jesus. We must not fail to help our neighbors, because in them we serve Jesus.

- Rose of Lima


Call me sick. Call me deranged. I'm gonna be your worst nightmare. I'm gonna be your hero whether you like it or not!

- Randy Orton


Prayer is the way you defeat the devil, reach the lost, restore a backslider, strengthen the saints, send missionaries out, cure the sick, accomplish the impossible, and know the will of God.

- David Jeremiah


The best remedy for a sick church is to put it on a missionary diet.

- David Livingstone


Just being a Negro doesn't qualify you to understand the race situation any more than being sick makes you an expert on medicine.

- Dick Gregory


Pray, even if you feel nothing, see nothing. For when you are dry, empty, sick or weak, at such a time is your prayer most pleasing to God, even though you may find little joy in it. This is true of all believing prayer.

- Julian of Norwich


When you are sad or in pain or sick or you witness any cremation then you actually learn the many truths of life.

- Neem Karoli Baba


Whether you have a Ph.D., or no D, we're in this bag together. And whether you're from Morehouse or Nohouse, we're still in this bag together. Not to fight to try to liberate ourselves from the men - this is another trick to get us fighting among ourselves - but to work together with the black man, then we will have a better chance to just act as human beings, and to be treated as human beings in our sick society.

- Fannie Lou Hamer


Christians need never be sick, any more than they need to be sinful. It is always God's desire to heal you.

- T.L. Osborn


...if you are not like everybody else, then you are abnormal, if you are abnormal , then you are sick. These three categories, not being like everybody else, not being normal and being sick are in fact very different but have been reduced to the same thing

- Michel Foucault


Revival is when God gets so sick and tired of being misrepresented that He shows Himself.

- Leonard Ravenhill


A mind that is fast is sick. A mind that is slow is sound. A mind that is still is divine.

- Meher Baba


The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm.

- Florence Nightingale


Before all, and above all, attention shall be paid to the care of the sick, so that they shall be served as if they were Christ Himself.

- Benedict of Nursia


A sick thought can devour the body's flesh more than fever or consumption.

- Guy de Maupassant


With a defeat, when you lose, you get up, you make it better, you try again. That's what I do in life, when I get down, when I get sick, I don't want to just stop. I keep going and I try to do more. Everyone always says never give up but you really have to take that to heart and really do never definitely give up. Keep trying.

- Serena Williams


We get sick because of something inside going wrong! We get well because of something inside going right!

- B. J. Palmer


The Eucharist bathes the tormented soul in light and love. Then the soul appreciates these words, 'Come all you who are sick, I will restore your health.'

- Bernadette Soubirous


Grace was not given to heal the spiritually sick but to decorate spiritual heroes!

- Martin Luther


Why should you care for a woman like me? I'm always nervous or sick, or sad or too gay.

- Greta Garbo


It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and the broken promises.

- Chief Joseph


We set up the promised clinic for the sick and wounded Masai.

- Louis Leakey


A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it.

- Lyndon B. Johnson


There are three types of disease: body disease, mind disease, and nervous system disease. When the mind is diseased, the whole body is diseased. The yoga scriptures say “Manayeva manu ā ā kara a bandha mok ayo (this verse may be transliterated incorrectly),” the mind is the cause of both bondage and liberation. If the mind is sick and sad, the whole body gets sick, and all is finished. So first you must give medicine to the mind. Mind medicine: that is yoga.

- K. Pattabhi Jois


Whoever wishes to meet Jesus must meet him in places where brothers and sisters of Jesus are hungry, thirsty, naked, unwanted, sick or in prison. Whoever keeps himself distant from these places remains distant from Jesus.

- Richard Wurmbrand


What kind of sick person would answer rainbows?

- Troye Sivan


It would be wrong to refuse to face the fact that everything is fundamentally sick and sad.

- Thomas Bernhard


They claim red meat is bad for you. But I never saw a sick-looking tiger.

- Chi Chi Rodriguez


The primitive magician, the medicine man or shaman is not only a sick man, he is above all, a sick man who has been cured, who has succeeded in curing himself.

- Mircea Eliade


Jesus did not command us to pray for the sick.He commanded us to heal them.

- Bill Johnson


We can make war so terrible and make them so sick of war that generations pass away before they again appeal to it.

- William Tecumseh Sherman


A Muslim has five duties towards another Muslim; to return a salutation, visit the sick, follow funerals, accept an invitation and say 'God have mercy on you' when one sneezes.

- Elijah Muhammad


Mona Lisa looks as if she has just been sick, or is about to be.

- Noel Coward


It's strange that ''Evangelion'' has become such a hit - all the characters are so sick!

- Hideaki Anno


If you had to choose an would have to be lavender essential oil, because it is antibacterial and antiviral. So, it's great to have when people around you are sick; it can also be used to relax.

- Karen Rose


Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they're so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.

- James Mattis


Find your own Calcutta. Find the sick, the suffering and the lonely right there where you are.

- Mother Teresa


Visit those who are sick, or who are in trouble, especially those whom God has made needy by age, or by other sickness, as the feeble, the blind, and the lame who are in poverty. These you shall relieve with your goods after your power and after their need, for thus biddeth the Gospel.

- John Wycliffe


Rage and bitterness do not foster femininity. They harden the heart and make the body sick.

- Marion Woodman


Those issues are biblical issues: to care for the sick, to feed the hungry, to stand up for the oppressed. I contend that if the evangelical community became more biblical, everything would change.

- Tony Campolo


You know what I'm afraid of? That God is sick of us.

- Naguib Mahfouz


In Khmer we have a saying that when one is both quite sick and old there remains only one thing, that you die.

- Pol Pot


The whole global warming thing is created to destroy America's free enterprise system and our economic stability.

- Jerry Falwell


Ugh! How many stories about love, copulation, marriage and death already exist, not one of which tells the truth! How sick I am of well-constructed plots and brilliant writing!

- Sadegh Hedayat


You're shagging a woman who can turn into a dragon? Blast you, Charles, I am sick with envy!

- Jeaniene Frost